6D DPS Entitlement System Webinar

Download and Watch: 6D DPS Entitlement System Webinar

Increase sales team performance with the industry’s best and easiest-to-use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) entitlement solution

For this webinar, 6D will be demonstrating our DPS Entitlement System. This product integrates with Adobe’s DPS and allows non-technical administrators to easily manage user and group entitlement for multiple apps in an organization. This product sets itself apart from the competition with its intuitive and easy to use web interface that is accessible on any device (mobile and desktop). 6D’s product is available in SaaS, Private Cloud or On-Premises options.

About the Webinar

Join 6D's Jason Porath (VP Mobile) and Cecelia Wren (Mobile Developer) as they walk through:

  • The process of registering a user for an app
  • Configuring the entitlements for the user
  • Demonstrating the simplicity and ease of use of the 6D DPS Entitlement System
  • Q & A

6D DPS Entitlement System Webinar