Personalization and Segmentation with AEM

Download and Watch: Personalization and Segmentation with AEM

Presented by 6D Global and Adobe: Part of the Adobe "Ask the AEM Community Expert" Series

We know today’s developer community manages an ever-increasing volume of internet, extranet and intranet website content. To help you make informed decisions, improve project management and technical delivery, we are anxious to share new expertise and resources to manage Personalization in AEM.

Join 6D and Adobe in a guided and informative overview showing you how you can provide users with a tailor-made environment, displaying dynamic content that is selected according to specific needs—based on predefined user profiles, user selection or interactive user behavior.

Acquire expert knowledge on how to:

  • Import and export content, track content changes
  • Hand-craft full Personalization based upon user’s, content and rules
  • Build explicit user selections or implicit, manager defined Personalization
  • Understand the strengths of Personalization and managing user’s activities
  • Get the most value from AEM for you and your company…and more

Attend and Get a Complimentary Coding Package: Get ready to put knowledge into play with valuable resource code!

Webinar Presented By: Center of Excellence, 6D Labs Associate Director, 6D Global COE, and Scott Macdonald, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Adobe

Let 6D Global (previously Six Dimensions), a premier digital solutions company, assist you in tackling that short list of improvements that can drastically improve your business.

Personalization and Segmentation with AEM