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6 Key Considerations in Web Content Migration

Excerpt: There will be many questions asked during a content management system (CMS) migration, but key among them is: How are we going to migrate content quickly and efficiently? This article will address some key considerations to help your content migration journey from "old" to "new" go smoother, quicker, and without loss of sleep.Click here to read the full article on

Creating Flexible CQ5 Pages

One of Adobe's CQ5 Best Practices is to limit the number of Templates, I would suggest it is a best practice to limit the number of page components and create as many templates as necessary.Templates in Adobe CQ5 function differently than they do in many other CMS systems.  CQ Templates are placeholders for sample content and references to the component to render the sample content.  Often, projects create a 1:1 mapping between CQ Templates and...

WYSIWYG HTML Source Editor Considered Harmful

Most Web Content Management system's Rich Text or WYSIWYG editors have an optional feature to allow authors to directly edit the HTML instead of using the WYSIWYG.  Among one of the first decisions made on a WCMS implementation project is to enable or disable this feature.  Proponents of the HTML editor argue for author flexibility and for freedom to directly enter markup.  I would argue, however, the HTML editor should not be enabled.What's Wrong with...