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The COE is responsible for defining company direction, strategy and special projects that ensure and promote quality across the organization. This includes go-to-market strategy for business development, global expansion of services, product development, mentoring, thought-leadership, certifications, specializations and operational playbooks which promote excellence throughout the company. The COE leads our client's digital strategy, disruption and long-term planning discussions to better support our customer's needs. The COE sets strategic direction for company organic and inorganic growth including mergers / acquisition assessments, negotiations and deal structure.

Center of Excellence's Recent Articles

Resizing Touch UI component dialogs

In this blog post I lay out a technique that I've recently put together to have more control over component dialog "windows" or modals in AEM 6.1's [Touch UI interface]( This user-interface is set to replace Classic UI. It's thus a good idea to get acquainted with the way it...

AEM 6.1 - Filter RequestDispatcher Forward breaks i18n

I just noticed that on AEM 6, in my Filter, when I call RequestDispatcher forward, i.e. request.getRequestDispatcher(...).forward(req, res);, it cause i18n to break. Here's a snippet of my codes: ... boolean filtered = false; SlingHttpServletRequest request = req instanceof SlingHttpServletRequest ? (SlingHttpServletRequest) req : null; SlingHttpServletResponse response = res instanceof SlingHttpServletResponse ? (SlingHttpServletResponse) res : null; if (request != null && response != null) { // block of codes to resolve the request uri and get the new...