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Dwayne wears many hats at Six Dimensions. Specializing in Systems Administration, Dwayne has also taken on the roles of IT Support, Web Application Development, and some DevOps tasks. Dwayne specializes in all things Linux and the Adobe CQ5/AEM Platform. Dwayne is an expert in building secure, stable and scalable software and platforms.


Dwayne Hale's Recent Articles

Repository runmodes now tied to instance runmode.

In AEM/CQ versions past, as in prior to AEM 6.0 and 6.1, if a publish instance was to go down and time was of the essence, you could always shutdown the author and copy the author repository over top of the publish repository. Once you brought up the publish instance, it would behave like a publish instance and you'd have all the content of the author instance with no need for long and costly activation...

AEM6 Self Service Monitoring

Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 is the latest release in the long line of CQ/Adobe Experience Manager products. AEM6 now has monitoring capability beyond what was included in previous releases, built-in to the WCMS out of the box. Navigating to "Tools"->"Operations"->"Dashboard"->"Health Reports" will present you with a screen containing multiple color-coded 'tiles' representing monitored parameters like the one below. ![AEM6 Monitoring Dashboard](/images/posts/2014-05-22-aem6-self-monitoring/healthreports.jpg) As you can see, each tile is color-coded to provide an easy-to-view snapshot of...