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Erik Johnsen

Principal Consultant, Front-end Development Team Lead

Erik Johnsen has been doing this a while. He's versed in: web standards, all flavors of html, js, and css; be it libraries, processors, or frameworks.

Erik Johnsen's Recent Articles

Using Grunt in an AEM Maven build

This post is a guide on how to establish a functional Maven build for AEM that includes Bower front-end dependency management and Grunt task management. The Grunt build will download Bower dependencies, move them to a client library, then create their respective .content.xml, css.txt, and js.txt to be used at...

Bulk file transfers with WebDAV

Bulk asset transfers to a JCR are sometimes tedious especially when using AEM's Assets Manager or Site Admin. Adobe has tutorials on how to upload to the DAM and accessing AEM via WebDAV. This tutorial will make accessing AEM's JCR via WebDAV clear for current versions of Windows and OSX,...

Vaulting to AEM

Image Credit: "DK Vault" By Dinoenthusiastguy Licensed under CC BY-SA via Wikia Using the CRX (Content Repository eXtreme) via CRXDE can be cumbersome especially for testing, the following are easier ways to interact with the CRX via common IDEs. The basic concept is similar to git where as to pull...