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Jeremy Good

System Administrator

Jeremy is an experienced Systems Administrator, specializing in Linux administration and the Adobe CQ5 platform. Jeremy is an expert at building secure, scalable and reliable platforms.

Jeremy Good's Recent Articles

AEM Start/Stop Script Modification for a Cluster

When clustering AEM instances there is a required order for shutting down and starting the instances. This however can be very tricky in a shared nothing cluster as the master & slave can automatically swap places at any time for multiple reasons. This means in order to shut down an instance you typically need to identify the master instance first. Conversely in starting up an instance the slave can only be started after the master...

AEM Restricted Backup User

The AEM backup curl command is often passed using admin credentials however for security reasons it may be undesirable to store the AEM admin user's credentials in plaintext form in a system script. To mitigate this instead a generic user can be created and be granted more specific access rights to the granite backup console. This will allow to restrict what this user has the ability to do by only having granted rights to start,...

AEM Live Backup Strategy

AEM has a built in live backup mechanism which works rather well at creating an extractable archive of the complete instance it can take an extremely long and unmanageable amount of time due to the nature of what all it is creating an archive of. By default this backup will consist of the original CQ jar file and everything at an equal level and anything contained in any child directories of that path. While this...

Protecting Packages and Replication Agents

By default, unless you are specifically blocking parts of CQ from your dispatcher, you could be exposing your Packages and Replication agents to the world.You can fix this by adding this snippet to the /filter section of your dispatcher.any file:      /0006     {         /glob "* /etc/*"         /type "deny" }     /0007     {         /glob "* /etc/clientlibs/*"         /type "allow"     }      /0008     {         /glob "* /etc/designs/*"         /type "allow"     }  It doesn't matter where in the filter you...